What is a ZERH?

It is a high-performance home so energy efficient, all or most annual energy consumption can be offset with renewable energy. In other words, it is the Home of the Future. 

Samuel Rashkin, Chief Architect for DOE Building Technologies Office, said “Zero Energy Ready Homes like those constructed by Health E Community Enterprises are the homes of the future because they live, work, and last better with incredibly low or no energy costs. And what’s exciting for American home buyers, they are available today thanks to leading builders across the county.”

A Symbol of Excellence

Every Zero Energy Ready Home offers a cost-effective, high performance package of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability unparalleled in today’s marketplace.

Only a select group of the top builders in the country meet the extraordinary levels of excellence and quality specified by U.S. Department of Energy guidelines.


Living a Better Life   

Healthful Environment Every home has a comprehensive package of measures to help minimize dangerous pollutants, provide continuous fresh air, and effectively filter the air you breathe.  

Comfort Plus Every home features high-efficiency insulation, windows, air sealing and space conditioning systems that help surround you with even temperatures, low-humidity, and quiet in every room on every floor. 


Simplicity of the Build 

Advanced Technology Every home feature advanced technologies and practices recommended by leading housing experts from DOE’s world-class research program, Building America.    

Ultra-Efficient Every home is so energy efficient a small solar electric system can easily offset most, or all, of its annual energy consumption. This is why it is called as Zero Energy Ready Home.  


Built to Last 

Quality Built Every home features high-efficiency appliances and equipment that are often associated with better quality construction. In addition, overall quality is enhanced with rigorous inspections, diagnostics, and checklists enforced by independent verifiers. 

Durability Every home features advanced levels of energy savings, comfort, health, durability, quality and future performance that can be expected to stand the test of time and help enhance future value.  

Take the Tour of Zero! 

2016 Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award Winning Home

2017 Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award Winning Home

2018 Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award Winning Home

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DOE ZERH Homeowner Manual