Health E Community Enterprises of Virginia Inc.

Jay Epstein – President and Founder. The 2016 and 2017 Department of Energy Net Zero Ready Innovation Award Winner. Incorporating in the building design a home that gives the buyer a: Healthful Environment, Comfort Plus, Advanced Technology, Ultra Efficient, Quality Built, and Durability.



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Morgan E. Wojciechowski – Principal Broker

Cell: 757.328.6275

Fax: 757.928.0233

Office: 757.245.1778


Danny Franklin – Site Agent

Cell: 757.784.1520

Fax: 757.928.0233

Office: 757.245.1778


Preferred Lender

Blake D. Carrillo – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Consultant

At Health E Community Enterprises, your total satisfaction is our goal. We make every effort to provide our customers with the best possible opportunities, comforts and amenities. That’s why it’s so important for us to establish relationships with companies and partners who are of a like mind and focus. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage shares in our goals.

Our relationship with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, is not based on referral fees. As the #1 lender in new construction, we choose to refer our customers to our Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Blake D. Carrillo specifically, because they understand our business, listen to our needs and most importantly, to the needs of our customers.

Financing is one of the fundamental steps in the home buying process. To make the process successful, and to ensure only pleasant surprises throughout, it is essential to work with a lender that offers the right financing. Success means working with a lender that provides you with a full selection of products (extended rate lock options, closing cost assistance and more), designed specifically to help extend your opportunity and limit your risk, and all while delivering superior service throughout your new home construction. We are confident Wells Fargo Home Mortgage provides all of these benefits and more for our valued customers.

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