Design Technology

Digital technology has changed your everyday life.  Now it is time to change how homes are built!

Imagine having a complete inventory of every item used in your

home’s construction. By deploying DIGIBILT, the latest technology in the home building industry, that’s exactly what you will receive, from kitchen appliances to roofing materials to water heaters.

In advance of construction, DIGIBILT creates a digital “twin” of your new home. That enables us to engineer the myriad of critical building details to ensure the highest level of quality. This digital modeling also enables us to issue a “BILTiD,” which is similar to a VIN number for your car. When your new home is complete, you will have a cloud-based record of everything in your home, including how it should be cared for and maintained. This approach will enhance your long-term home ownership experience and add enduring value.