Customize Your Home


This isn’t our home – it’s yours, for a long time to come. That’s why you will be fully engaged in the process of customizing the design of your new home. You will collaborate with our expert design team to create a beautiful, healthy and safe home.

Step 1: Site Selection



When selecting a site, consider views, adjacency to surrounding homes, community attributes, and solar orientation. The  Zero Energy Ready Home has a designated area on the roof with conduit installed for your PV system. This gives you the flexibility of upgrading to Solar now or in the future. This can affect your choice of the home elevation depending on the South/Southeast exposure of your home on certain lots.


Step 2: Exterior Design 

exterior design


No two homes at Walnut Farm will be alike. We will ask you about your preferred exterior design. Once selected, we will consult with you to  refine the design, materials and color palette to reflect your personal style. Choose your exterior design for the River Series and Founder Series.


Step 3: Interior Design

interior design

We provide a wide offering of floor plan choices as a starting point. Next, our sales team will meet with you to hear how you want to live in your new home. It’s a fun and collaborative process that produces an extraordinary living experience.

Proportion, scale and light are careful considerations of our floor plan designs. You begin by choosing from a series of floor plans with a variety of room configurations. However, we don’t stop there. You as the homeowner will collaborate with us, using our nationally recognized “building block” customization approach, to further tailor the floor plan to meet your needs. Using this process is engaging and fun, and it will result in creating a happy, beautiful, healthy and safe home for your family.


river streetscape